About the School

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Education Institutions Occupy A Pivotal Position In The Development Of Intellect, Motivation And Training People In Emerging Fields For Sustainable National Growth At All Level. From These Seats Of Learning Emerge Higher Level Leadership/ Manpower Equipped With Innovations, New Ideas And Concepts, Pre Requisites For Rapid Economic Development, Enhancing Self-Reliance, Improving The Living Standard Of The Society And The National Security.

The Catchment Area Of Hyderabad Extends To Interior Of Sindh; The Public Sector Education Institutions Cannot Cope-Up With The Unchecked Population Overflow. Therefore, In The Foreseeable Future Too There Would Always Remain, Dearth Of Quality, Education Institutions

It Is In This Perspective That In The Year 2005, In Their Twilight, The Initiative Of Establishing A High-Quality College, Befitting The Eastern Values, Superior College Of Science, Was Taken By Its Veteran Founders. Click In Fact, It Was Aimed At Paying The Debt To The City Of Hyderabad Which Has Earned Them Laurels In The Areas Of Their Respective Expertise.

Today Its Two Boys Campuses And A Girls Campus Speak Of Its Phenomenal Success And This Bears Testimony To Its Quality Factor.